ABOUT THIS SITE >>> This site is a blog as well as an archive. It gives visibility to the continues working of radical_hope, its current move to radical_house, the research project Distraction As Discipline (2016 - 2019) and the process of OTÇOE - works for passers-by, a working trajectory (2013 and 2014).

radical_house is a long term project and has a threefold nature: it presents a physical place, a framework and a logic. When in 2013 teaching and mentoring became an extension of Langsdorf's artistic practices now radical_house stems from her pedagogical experience where 'being in dialogue' with others is her main principle.

Distraction As Discipline is an investigation into enactivist principles in art and education (research trajectory at KASK School of Arts Ghent 2016-19). It considers the potential of performance art and pedagogy in general, in resisting the current and massive desubjectivation, by critically reclaiming both, attention for the moment and participation in a process.

OTÇOE - works for passers-by was the development of radical_hope's artistic practice in the city and questioned how and by whom this practice (and its bodily, social and economical aspects) is perceived. The title refers to the public of a city and to how we encounter and register most things on our way through the city: Out of The Corner of Our Eyes. OTÇOE.

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BUREAU 2010-15
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BUREAU 2010-15

Bureau Annex is an artistic practice embedded in the wilderness of different social environments. It arose from an experiment which Heike Langsdorf and Christiane Huber conducted in 2010 in the Brussels North railway station, where a lot of different people pass their time for different reasons. Without any expectations, a priori ideas or plans, they ‘hung out’ there several times and little by little meetings with the local ‘residents’ of the North Station, started to occur. After a while, they created a performance together, which was part of ‘Postcards From the Future’, an public art project by the art collective C&H.

To this day Langsdorf continues working with the people she met in 2010. Since then, the group has evolved and become more diverse: some participants left, others arrived. The core interest of Bureau Annex is to produce art works together with people from different social levels, who relate to art differently. They find each other through a loose structure, based on affinity. The artist enters an urban reality in which he or she normally isn’t present. As a consequence, a lot of conventions connected to the production of art, are questioned.

Connecting people and content back from where the previous work ended, Bureau Annex produces independent works irregularly and occasionally but continually. As part of OTÇOE - works for passers-by, Bureau Annex is developping a series of small performative works.

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