ABOUT THIS SITE >>> This site is a blog as well as an archive. It gives visibility to the continues working of radical_hope, its current move to radical_house, the research project Distraction As Discipline (2016 - 2019) and the process of OTÇOE - works for passers-by, a working trajectory (2013 and 2014).

radical_house is a long term project and has a threefold nature: it presents a physical place, a framework and a logic. When in 2013 teaching and mentoring became an extension of Langsdorf's artistic practices now radical_house stems from her pedagogical experience where 'being in dialogue' with others is her main principle.

Distraction As Discipline is an investigation into enactivist principles in art and education (research trajectory at KASK School of Arts Ghent 2016-19). It considers the potential of performance art and pedagogy in general, in resisting the current and massive desubjectivation, by critically reclaiming both, attention for the moment and participation in a process.

OTÇOE - works for passers-by was the development of radical_hope's artistic practice in the city and questioned how and by whom this practice (and its bodily, social and economical aspects) is perceived. The title refers to the public of a city and to how we encounter and register most things on our way through the city: Out of The Corner of Our Eyes. OTÇOE.

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Un/Settling Library (TESTING)

10-11-2018 [• making images • DAD - education • Un/Settled Residency • Discrete Guidance • Making Space/S ]
10 & 11 NOV / 11am - 5pm
Raversyde Domein / Atlantic Wall
(a couple of stops by coast tram from Ostend station)

by Heike Langsdorf & Ernst Maréchal
in dramaturgical - productional dialogue with Elowise Vandenbroeucke
context: finissage weekend Un/Settled EXPO by KAAP-Raversyde-Argos
support: research at KASK School Of Arts, KAAP, Raversyde

The Library Is Calling

You are welcome from 11am to 5pm to visit an assemblage of documents.

There are always librarians present who are busy editing and recomposing their and other people’s thoughts, that manifested in forms of books, records, images, objects, dances and concerts. In doing so, they consider migration as a non-stoppable movement on a global-, everyday-, and micro-scale.

At certain moments the librarians will invite you to add your own visions by using and quoting the materials at hand.

Every 30 minutes you will hear and see a *jingle*, a danced and sung interaction with the library’s calm.

Every second hour the librarians work on a soundscape of which you become more or less part of.

[Un/Settling Library (Testing).
In retrospective to and drawing further on Un/Settled Residency, a one week gathering in public space in Ostend, for people to dis/agree on notions of migration. The format tested, should enable an activation of existing archives, libraries, collections,... and propose an ever multiple 'reading' of any subject matter.]