ABOUT THIS SITE >>> This site is a blog as well as an archive. It gives visibility to the continues working of radical_hope, its current move to radical_house, the research project Distraction As Discipline (2016 - 2019) and the process of OTΗOE - works for passers-by, a working trajectory (2013 and 2014).

radical_house is a long term project and has a threefold nature: it presents a physical place, a framework and a logic. When in 2013 teaching and mentoring became an extension of Langsdorf's artistic practices now radical_house stems from her pedagogical experience where 'being in dialogue' with others is her main principle.

Distraction As Discipline is an investigation into enactivist principles in art and education (research trajectory at KASK School of Arts Ghent 2016-19). It considers the potential of performance art and pedagogy in general, in resisting the current and massive desubjectivation, by critically reclaiming both, attention for the moment and participation in a process.

OTΗOE - works for passers-by was the development of radical_hope's artistic practice in the city and questioned how and by whom this practice (and its bodily, social and economical aspects) is perceived. The title refers to the public of a city and to how we encounter and register most things on our way through the city: Out of The Corner of Our Eyes. OTΗOE.

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The big leap

31-01-2021 [• in practice • HoP • radical_house ]

The big leap — how to gather around death and dying?
Dying gets experienced as the letting go of all qualifications, as losing all self-referential thoughts and feelings, and as letting go of all stories — all versions — of yourself and the world.
Moments of dying can therefore be seen as chances for fears and preferences to become groundless: without stories, nobody is there, nothing has to be held up or kept in place.
Neither offense, defense nor justification, blame or regret, shame, guilt or pride are any longer of use.
The dissolution of fears or preferences sounds like something worthwhile experiencing before we actually die.
How could we consider dying a gate — a calling — that we can follow already before our time has come — throughout life?
With The big leap we propose to read, discuss and experiment with practices related to death and dying.
What is the influence of these practices on how we experience life, how we relate to each other, and how we act in the world?

For now we will explore existing exercises and practices of keeping ourselves and others undefined. From there we aim to develop a landscape of scores who can be visited by interested visitors.

The big leap is a collaboration of Heike Langsdorf and Stijn Smeets and the overlapping of two frameworks: it is House of the Beloved and House of Practices visiting each other.

House of Practices is exploring permeability: how to make space in existing places? In dialogue, through their practices and those of guests, Simone Basani, Hans Bryssinck, Heike Langsdorf and Miriam Rohde, want to come closer to what the transformative power of a physical place can be: What does a place with its specific history, former and current inhabitants/users allow for? What makes it relational and permeable and for whom? How do our practices create closeness and distance to one another? What of it contributes to the making of community, and what to avoiding or even destroying it?
House of the beloved is a residential center for embodied philosophy located in Tongeren. Through exploration and experimentation about loving and dying the House invites journeyers from all backgrounds to support each other in their search for a personal expression of what it means to be human. In continuous dialogue, Stijn Smeets and the current residents collectively design and propose spaces, tools and activities that facilitate seeing what is real, breaking through fears, and vitalizing the body. House of the beloved has its origins in The Monastery, a former collaboration between Elke Van Campenhout and Stijn Smeets. >>> MORE